I'm excited to welcome you to the Infinite Garden!  

Here is some information to prepare you for your experience:

  • Please enter the garden via the front door of the tap room.  You can stop and snag some wine if you would like to sip while you make your bouquet or you can get some wine when you are done.  To get to the garden, exit the back door of the tap room and cross the patio.  Reminder that Infinite Monkey has a wine deal for garden participants:  $5/can of wine (equal to 1.5 glasses!) and 20% takeaway bottles.

  • When you arrive at the gate to the garden, you will see a table with hand sanitizer, sanitized cutting tools, and quart-size mason jars filled with water.  Scrub in, grab a cutting tool and a jar, and head on in to the garden to fill your mason jar with as many flowers as can fit!  If you are signed up for me to make your bouquet, you can just check in with me and I will start crafting!

  • Face coverings are strongly encouraged during your time in the garden if you are not vaccinated.  Also please wear sturdy shoes as the ground is uneven.

  • Please bring a vessel to transport your flowers home .  This could be a vase, bucket, or mason jar.  I will have water and flower food for you!  I can also wrap your bouquet in paper if you need.  Your flowers will last longer if you can quickly get them into water.

  • Although most bugs are sleepy during our cutting times, you will encounter them as you move about the garden.  Right now we have plenty of japanese beetles (not helpful to the flowers), bees (so helpful to the flowers!), grasshoppers, ladybugs, spiders, roly-polys.  If you need help navigating a bug encounter please let me know!

  • You may be tempted to make short stem cuts to preserve the integrity of the plant...short cuts actually can stunt the growth of the plant and longer cuts encourage more flowers to grow!    You should aim for at least 12-14 inches of stem and to make your cuts just above a set of leaves.   Once you make a cut, you will remove the leaves from the part of the stem that will touch your water.  If you have any uncertainty about where to cut a stem, please please ask.

  • If you need some design advice I am happy to support and encourage you!  Also here are a few tips to get you started:

-height: should be 1-1.5x the height of your vase
-composition:  look for foliage, round disk-shaped flowers, spiky flowers, airy flowers/vines, and 1-3 large feature flowers.  
-odd numbers: are more pleasing.  Consider, 1,3,5,7 of stems that you like
-creativity:  the creative process can be fun and meditative.  Any rules can be broken, so make something with love that YOU think is beautiful!